Chris Theokli

ENT Specialist

Chris Theokli
ENT Consultant

Chris Theokli is an experienced ENT consultant, specialising in all ear, nose and throat disorders affecting both adults and children.

Within the NHS he is a senior consultant in East Kent Hospitals, where he is the lead thyroid surgeon. In addition, he is chairperson for the specialist thyroid cancer board across all of Kent.

His area of specialism are problems affecting the throat, such as infections, the glands of the neck (thyroid, parathyroid, salivary glands and lymph nodes) and problems with voice and swallow. He is an expert at treating children as well as adults.

When passing his Royal College of Surgeons fellowship exams, Chris was awarded the gold medal for achieving the highest score in the country. Chris has also undertaken a Masters in Medical Law and Ethics, achieving a distinction, and uses the knowledge he gained to fuel his passion for treating all of his patients professionally, caringly and with excellent communication skills.

Chris lives in Kent with his wife and three daughters and has a passion for sports; particularly football, golf and now netball thanks to his daughters.

You can book an appointment to see Mr Theokli at:

  • One Ashford Hospital
  • Spencer Private Hospitals Margate


Mrs Alison Bampton


Mob:      07961704719

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